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Tony Lama

There are 5 products available

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Tony Lama
  • Tony Lama Tan Baja 100% Vaquero Cowgirl Booties - Square Toe
  • Tony Lama Women's Tri-Color Hair On Calf Cowgirl Boots - Snip Toe
  • Tony Lama Tan Baja 100% Vaquero Cowgirl Booties - Snip Toe
  • Tony Lama Women's Chocolate Baja 100% Vaquero Western Booties - Snip Toe
  • Tony Lama Women's Arrows Short Western Boots - Round Toe

Tony Lama

An Italian immigrant named Tony Lama was born in 1887; little did he know, his legacy would be worn around the world. After being stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, and getting his start as a cobbler for the U.S. Cavalry, he realized the importance of quality leather and comfortable fitted boots.

Trained in creating boots suitable for soldiers, Tony Lama decided to open his trade for business. He started in boot repair, but soon, news of Tony Lama spread throughout the Southwest. Cowboys and ranchers were among the cavalrymen that wanted their own custom-made Tony Lama boots. In the first year of opening shop, Tony Lama found his calling: he and one helper had made twenty pairs of tailored and durable leather boots.

Later, in the 1930's, Western Wear stores started asking to be vendors of his craft. Soon, and with ingenuity, Tony Lama developed a way to produce greater quantities without losing or sacrificing the hand crafted touch that had become so well known by his customers. By 1961, nearly fifty years after the opening of his first store, Tony Lama expanded his business and was making upwards of 750 handcrafted and quality boots a day.

Since Tony Lama's death in 1974, Tony Lama Boots have continued to be a tradition and a company that prides themselves on heritage. Lama's sons and daughters continue the high standard that Tony Lama himself set as a precedent.

In 1990 two competitors, Justin Boots and Tony Lama, joined forces and began to reach new heights in quality boot wear, skill, and craftsmanship. Today the same hand crafted comfort you would expect from a Southwestern store at the turn of the century can be enjoyed by your whole family. Unsurprisingly, Tony Lama has set and stood by a world-wide standard of commitment to quality that was created by a humble cobbler so long ago.