Cowgirl Boots for Women

Cowgirl Boots for Women

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Finding the Right Cowgirl Boots

Country Outfitter has a wide selection of cowboy boots for women including western and fashion boots ready to ship to your home free. You’ll find everything from classic western boot styles to trending styles like white cowgirl boots, animal print, booties, and more. Choose the heel height that’s right for you, ranging from a typical stockman or flat heel of 1 ½ inch to a 3-inch western heel that tapers down for a slimming effect. Toe shape is also an important feature to select when shopping for women’s cowgirl boots. Country Outfitter offers western boots with square, snip, pointed, medium, and round toes.

Cowboy Boots for Women Fit Guide

To ensure your cowgirl boots fit properly and comfortably begin by sitting or standing. Firmly step down or use the pull straps to guide your foot in. This may require some effort, but your entire foot should feel snug, and you’ll hear a thump once your foot hits the insole. The top of the boot should feel like a firm handshake while the heel should lift less than an inch when you walk. Once your foot is in, the sole will conform and move with your foot to give you the best, most comfortable fit. Learn more.