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  • Corral Men's Jeb Western Boots - Narrow Square Toe
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    This season's most beloved new classics.

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  • El Dorado Handmade Caiman Cowboy Boots - Wide Square Toe
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  • Tony Lama Suntan Century Americana Cowboy Boots - Square Toe
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  • Durango Men's Arena Pro Gold Rush Western Boots - Square Toe
    $219.00 Original Price

  • Georgia Boot Men's Farm and Ranch Wellington Work Boots - Round Toe
    $179.00 Original Price

  • Dan Post Men's Exotic Dorsal Sea Bass Leather Western Boot - Broad Square Toe
    $269.95 Original Price

Men's Boot Fit Guide

To ensure your boot fits properly and comfortably, consider the following tips. Begin by sitting or standing, firmly step down or use the pull straps to guide your foot in. This may require some effort, but your entire foot should feel snug, and you’ll hear a thump once your foot hits the insole. The top of the boot should feel like a firm handshake while the heel should lift less than an inch when you walk. Once in, the sole will conform and move with your foot to give you the best, most comfortable fit.