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Wrangler Jeans is a company with humble beginnings, which grew over a century and transformed the landscape of modern western wear. The company began in 1904 when C.C. Hudson, a factory worker, started a business with his brother, Homer, making denim overalls. Their operation began in a small loft above a grocery store in Greensboro, North Carolina: The Hudson Overall Company steadily grew its business, and in 1919 the owners moved their headquarters to a larger facility, and changed the name to Blue Bell Overall Company.

In 1926, Big Ben Manufacturing purchased Blue Bell Overall Company for $585,000, but kept the name and headquarters. This merger resulted in a new kind of overalls, a denim fabric that shrinks less than 1%, this became the industry standard, and was the beginning of Wrangler's workwear innovations.

Blue Bell Overall Company acquired a little-known work clothing company in 1943 and began using their rarely-used brand name ‘Wrangler’.

Wrangler hired celebrity tailor, Rodeo Ben, to design their line of authentic western jeans. This collection appealed to professional rodeo cowboys and was field-tested by Jim Shoulders, Freckles Brown, and Bill Linderman. The three cowboys endorsed the 13MWZ jeans and the Wrangler brand for its quality, durability, and authenticity. One of the rodeo stars, Jim Shoulders, signed on to be Wrangler's spokesperson in 1948. He was an all-star, winning a total of sixteen world championships.

In 1962, with a desire to go global, Wrangler opened a plant in Belgium, and the brand was successfully launched in Europe. They would receive even more exposure in 1963 when Newsweek magazine coined the term ‘teenager’ and featured a teen girl in Wrangler jeans on its cover; Wrangler began gaining mass appeal, but cowboys were still faithful to the brand, and The Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association officially endorsed Wrangler.

The company has expanded to not only outfit cowboys, but to dress the modern cowgirl, and family! Slim-fit cuts and embellishment are the signature styles for their Rock 47 collection. Edgy, rock'n roll looks mix seamlessly with your country lifestyle. The Premium Patch collection for women features Wrangler's patented Booty Up technology, it delivers a comfortable fit while providing slimming and lifting effects.

Whatever your lifestyle demands, whether it's a rugged bootcut jean that can stand up to daily wear and tear, or a sleek jean to wear on the town, Wrangler has you covered. They've been providing high-performance and long-lasting western wear for over 100 years and counting.