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There are 167 products available

  • Durango Women's Western Boots - Square Toe
    $139.99 $112.97
    You Save: $27.02 (19% off)
  • Durango Men's Brown Music City Gator Emboss Boat Shoes
    $119.99 $98.97
    You Save: $21.02 (18% off)
  • Durango Men's Drifter Lacer Boots - Round Toe
    $179.99 $90.97
    You Save: $89.02 (49% off)
  • Durango Men's Music City Twin Gore Leather Sneakers
    $89.99 $79.97
    You Save: $10.02 (11% off)
  • Durango Women's Mustang Western Boots - Wide Square Toe
    $139.99 $99.97
    You Save: $40.02 (29% off)
  • Durango Rock N' Scroll Cowgirl Boots
    $176.99 $81.97
    You Save: $95.02 (54% off)


Since 1966 Durango has built their reputation on developing quality western footwear for men, women and kids. Durango focuses on comfort and durability as much as they do fashion and style. Durango's focus is on creating quality western footwear, from men's cowboy boots to women's cowgirl boots to even cowboy boots for kids. You can be sure that Durango has put hard work into creating comfortable, stylish and durable footwear, all for you.

Durango brings the spirit of the old west coupled with today's new boot technology to bring you lasting comfort, style, and stability with every pair of boots. Designed for today's cowboys in today's world, the Durango West collection contains all handcrafted leather boots made to look and feel like they are from the old West but bring you the comfort of today. That dedication is not just limited to the West collection; Durango Boots focuses on the same durable craftsmanship in every style that they make.