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Cripple Creek

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  • Cripple Creek Women's Enzyme Washed Cotton Faux Fur Concealed Carry Jacket
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  • Cripple Creek Men's Wool Melton Snap Front Concealed Carry Pocket Vest
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  • Cripple Creek Women's Concealed Carry Faux Fur Jacket
    $116.99 Original Price

Cripple Creek Outerwear

Cripple Creek Outerwear was launched by Sidran in 1994 and has been making top-notch western outerwear since.

Sidran Inc. began in 1939 producing sportswear and grew steadily each year, until the 1970's, when it became a more defined brand. Sidran manufactures and sells western-style dress slacks, sport coats, and suits. In the late 1980s, Sidran began making high-quality western-styled arena jackets and outerwear for men and women. By late 1994, Sidran's outerwear and jackets developed and sold at such a fast pace that they established the Cripple Creek brand in order to have a permanent line of men's and women's western outerwear.