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Since 1933, Boulet Boots has been making quality boots. Founded by Georges-Alidor Boulet in Saint-Tite, Quebec, Canada, Boulet Boots enforces a policy of excellent quality and craftsmanship for each pair of boots they make.

St-Tite, a small town with about 4,000 people, was known for their quality of labor and was referred to as ‘The Leather Town’ because of the large quantity of leather products made there. Boulet boots were of such great quality the Canadian government noticed and commissioned Boulet to produce all of the Canadian military's footwear during WWII.

Boulet, which makes fashionable and quality boots for men and women, has been managed by the Boulet family for three generations. After Georges retired, Roger, Reynald, and Robert Boulet took over the company they had been working for since they were young. After the three men moved into managing the company, Boulet began their next step in the company's history: producing cowboy boots. Boulet Boots was the first company in Canada to produce cowboy boots.

Today, Boulet still manufactures a variety of men's and women's boots and cowboy boots. They specialize in using 100% Goodyear Welt construction with every pair of cowboy boots they make. Currently run by the third generation of Boulets, Pierre, Guy, and Louis; the company has high standard of excellence that makes them one of the best-selling and top quality boot makers for both men's and women's cowboy boots and boots.