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Ariat International was co-founded in 1990 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker, who set out to build a company with a new way of thinking about footwear for the riding and everyday needs equestrians. They felt that traditional English and Western riding boots were stiff, heavy and hard on the feet — not very well suited for riding or casual comfort. Beth and Pam are both riders with backgrounds in the athletic shoe industry and they realized the unique needs of equestrians long before they set out to build Ariat International...

When they founded Ariat, Pam and Beth set out to meet the needs of equestrians in the saddle and on the ground by delivering the performance-enhancing benefits that give equestrian athletes a competitive edge. Incorporating technologies to enhance fit, comfort and performance in an industry that had been relatively unchanged for 50 years was no easy task. Ariat International began by assembling a group of top footwear designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals to build the world’s most innovative and advanced footwear for people who love horses and horsemanship. Ariat re-thought everything about riding boots and cowboy boots from the sole to the shank and through the shaft to design the final product. Today, Ariat is the world leader in performance equestrian footwear offering products for work, riding, and casual footwear for any occasion.

Regardless of how you live and work each day, Ariat boots are made to cushion the foot while stabilizing the heel and arch, which dramatically reduces fatigue and stress to the feet, legs and lower back. Ariat technology can be found in a variety of casual Ariat shoes as well — providing you with comfortable alternatives for time out of the field and off the saddle.


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