Kicker Clips Horseshoe Style

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What you need to know
The first, the only, and the original patented clips, designed for you to use YOUR jewelry to enhance the look of your own urban and cowboy boots.

Made out of lightweight aluminum and perfectly balanced to hang on your boots. The finishes are powdered coated to prevent scratching or chipping. Will wear extremely well and maintain their luster forever.
Product Details
  • The horseshoe clip's main use is with cowboy boots.  Position the clip through the pull-ups on the sides of your boots.
  • You can also attach the earring clip by sliding it down over the wire clasp
  • If you would like to use it with the necklace clip, the horseshoe clips needs to be attached to the pullup on the inside of your boot.  Drop the necklace clip over the wire clasp and attach your necklace so that it goes around the outside of your boot.
  • The horseshoe clip can also be attached to the belt loops on your jeans to be worn alone or with a jewelry slide.
  • It can attached to purses or bags or any other fashion accessory you may have.  The use of the horseshoe clip is only limited by your imagination. 
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