Kicker Clips Necklace Magnet Style

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What you need to know
Made out of stainless steel with Rare Earth Magnets for extreme holding power. Our finishes are powdered coated to prevent scratching or chipping. Will wear extremely well and maintain their luster forever.

The first, the only, and the original patented clips, designed for you to use YOUR jewelry to enhance the look of your own urban and cowboy boots.
Product Details
  • This clip is to be worn on the outside of your boot.  It has two rare earth magnets that can hold chain or dangle type necklaces and open-ended bracelets.
  • By attaching to the magnets the clip will show off your jewelry in a waterfall or cascading type look.
  • Uses are endless!  Experiment with different types of jewelry for different looks.
  • The magnets on these clips are so strong they can be used to hold things such as keys, badges, horse show numbers or other items made out of metal.
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