Kicker Clips Necklace Roll Style

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What you need to know
The first, the only, and the original patented clips, designed for you to use YOUR jewelry to enhance the look of your own urban and cowboy boots.

Made out of stainless spring steel to maintain its shape. Our finishes are powdered coated to prevent scratching or chipping. Will wear extremely well and maintain their luster forever.
Product Details
  • The clip is positioned on the top of the boot on the inside of your leg so it allows you to wear your necklace around your leg like you would wear it around your neck.
  • If you have a zippered boot or a boot with an adornment, your can position the clip either in front of, or in back of the adornment.
  • If you want to wear a necklace clip on each leg, position them so they are not directly across from each other, otherwise it may cause snagging.
  • You can combine a necklace and an earring clip on the same boot with a necklace clip being attached on the inside of your boot, and attaching an earring clip to the outside area of your boot.  The creates a very dramatic look, especially good for evening events.
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