Men's Atlanta Boot - Black

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What you need to know

Footwear can define your character and be an extension of who you are, and by wearing these handsomely-designed men's 13" Atlanta Boots deliver such qualities in stylish fashion. Crafted all over in black, these boots features fancy pattern stitching designs on the leather-like shafts above gorgeous lizard print feet with shiny toe & heel details. 

Soft linings and hinged cushion insoles to provide much pampering & comfort for long wear. Pull tabs and dip openings allow for easier pulling on. Sueded outsoles and cowboy heels make for confident strides when walking.

Product Details
  • Black Lizard Print Foot
  • Black Leather-Like Top
  • 13" Height
  • Comfort Cushion Insole
  • J Snip Toe
  • Cowboy Heel
  • Sueded Outsole
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