Rocky Athletic Mobility Level 3 Waterproof Glove

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What you need to know

Rocky is pleased to present to you these Rocky Athletic Mobility (Level 3) Waterproof Gloves (#605887). These lightweight gloves will revolutionize your hunting and outdoors experience. Water management, breathability, scent control and insulation... these gloves have it all. 

Not only is the camouflage on the SilentHunterTM suede fabric concealing (perfect for the woods), but the micro-denier fibers in the material help to manage moisture. Then the Rocky SIQ Atomic technology eliminates odor that you might normally release, which helps to disguise your presence outdoors. 

These Rocky Athletic Mobility gloves have a Velcro wrist strap that allows you to adjust the fit to your liking. The reinforced digital textured palm enhances your grip, so you will no longer have to take your hunting gloves off to get a better handle.

In order to stay dry, these hunting gloves have been made with Rocky waterproof construction. On those cold mornings, you won't have to worry about  losing feeling in your fingertips, because these Athletic Mobility gloves have 100 grams of ThinsulateTM insulation installed into them. 

You'll enjoy the outdoors even more if you're wearing these Athletic Mobility (level 3) gloves!

Product Details
  • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction
  • 100 Grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation
  • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction
  • Velcro wrist strap closure
  • 4 way stretch outer shell
  • Reinforced digital textured palm
  • Rocky SIQ Atomic helps control human odor on the microbial level
  • Digital palm and fingers
  • SilentHunter suede fabric, micro-denier fibers wick moisture away from skin

This product is built with quality waterproofing materials to keep you dry in wet environments.
SKU: ROCK-605887
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