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Johnny Cash Songs: The Romantic Lyrics Edition

January 23, 2014

When it comes to Johnny Cash songs, some of our favorites happen to be ones that are romantic in nature. The Man in Black is known for a number of things: his deep baritone of a voice, his signature outfit, prison concerts and being married to June Carter.

Cash is one of those guys who was, shall we say, a little rough around the edges, but tender-hearted and kind. So tender-hearted and straight-up in love with his bride that his dozens of albums are filled with hundreds of love songs.

The Man in Black was a romantic, sappy even. Here are some of our favorite lyrics, written or sang by Johnny Cash.

You are the rose of my heart,
You are the love of my life.
A flower not fading nor falling apart,
If you’re tired, rest your head on my arm.
Rose of my heart."

What a song. Cash didn’t pen this one himself, but it seems to perfectly capture him, as we’re certain June was the rose of his heart and even more simply, the love of his life.

Beside the Cumberland River where the grass is soft and sweet
We ran across the fields of cedar hiding from the noisy streets
And when the leaves fell from the cold the stars were silver the moon was gold
I said it’s yours with love from me
I’m planting my roots in this ground and when they look for me I’ll be found
With something that is part of me you and Tennessee
Back with you and Tennessee"

Cash, obviously traveled a lot throughout his career. In this ballad, he sings of his love for Tennessee and most importantly, his love for June and how he’s trying to get back to her and his beloved, Tennessee.

I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down as the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet.
I fell for you like a child,
Oh, but the fire went wild."

June Carter Cash wrote this to describe what it was like falling in love with Johnny Cash. Cash recorded it later and made it the hit we all know and love today.

On which my Mind and Spirit feed;
But Flesh And Blood need Flesh And Blood
And you’re the one I need
Flesh And Blood need Flesh And Blood
And you’re the one I need."

Cash doesn’t need anything from Mother Nature. He needs June. He needs flesh and blood.

No matter what may be the style or season
I know your love will always see me through
I love you for a hundred, thousand reasons
But most of all I love you ’cause you’re you
(Most of, most of all I love you because you’re you)"

Though Cash didn’t write this one, he sure sang it like he did. Johnny had thousands of reasons to love June, but at the end of the day, he loved her because she was June.

No more chasing moonbeams or catching falling stars
I know now my pot of gold is anywhere you are
My heart won’t miss you my heart goes with you
Loneliness is emptiness but happiness is you"

Cash wrote this one with his bride, June, and he states that he’s done chasing anything but her. He’ll never be lonely as long as his heart is next to June.

If we’re ever parted
I will keep the tie that binds us
And I’ll never let it break
’Cause I love you "

Much like “Happiness is You,” Cash runs through a list of things he would gladly do for his love, if needed, just ’cause he loves her. Including: bringing her flowers or sweeping out her chimney.

I promise you for better or for worse
I’ll stand by you as I did at the first
And when you’re in the winter of your years
I’ll be right by your side to dry your tears
Yes I’ll be the same through all that we go through
I promise you I promise you I promise you I promise you"

Cash basically re-wrote wedding vows on this one. It sounds much different than a lot of number of his other songs. This one is a little softer and features his strong baritone voice with angelic-like background vocals.

We’re celebrating the great romance of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash along with the debut of Out Among The Stars. Discovered in 2012, this is truly a lost, previously unreleased Johnny Cash album. These aren’t alternate takes or different versions of songs that you’ve heard. These are brand new songs to the Cash canon. Completed in 2013 by Johnny’s only son John Carter Cash, Out Among The Stars is a pivotal Johnny Cash album lost in time, and now ready to become a classic. It will be released March 25, 2013. Click here to pre-order now.

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January 23, 2014

When it comes to down-home, relatable songs, Jason Aldean is the cream of the crop. His smooth, rock-edged voice wraps neatly around his well-worn lyrics — whether he’s singing about getting rowdy or remembering his glory days in high school. Since his major label debut in 2008, he has left a trail of memorable fist-pumping anthems of small-town life, searing his placement among country’s finest storytellers. He might not be a steady radio hit-maker, but his body of work is quite impressive.

Taking a look at his most recent album “Night Train,” he tells a vast, often eclectic, range of stories. On the opening track, for example, “This Nothin’ Town,” he sings about the misconceptions of living in a tiny town. “It might look a little laid back to ya, but it ain’t all just porches and plows,” he belts on the song’s chorus. “But don’t let that one red light fool ya, there’s always something going down.” Aldean gets up on his metaphoric soap box to address the issues at hand. Never judge a book by its cover: a simple, yet powerful message hidden behind a country-rock dressing.

On several other album cuts, like “Wheels Rollin’,” he sings about getting to do what he loves, making music and hitting the road on tour. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he says. Jason might be a superstar, but he’s a human just like the rest of us. If we aren’t doing what we love to do, then what are we doing? He seems to tell us to live life to the fullest and never take a second for granted. Seems easy, right? Likewise, on “Take a Little Ride” and his collaboration “The Only Way I Know,” featuring Luke Bryan and Eric Church, he talks about how growing up in the country taught him that “the first thing you learn is you don’t get nothing that you don’t earn.” Pay your dues; reap the benefits. “Don’t back up. Don’t back down.”

Nothing comes easy to those that wait, but if you work hard, everything will come to you.

Of course, a well-rounded record wouldn’t be the same without a raw, sweeping ballad. His “I Don’t Do Lonely Well” is a perfect example. “I can get up and face the day just fine all by myself,” he croons, “go out and take on the world and get it done like nobody else. Ohh but I don’t do lonely well.” On the surface, he can handle the pain of lost love, but deep down, he hurts. And it’s OK not to be OK, he says. Emotions make the world go round, and not even Jason’s tough exterior can change that or his ability to shed his skin and be vulnerable on occasion.

These themes aren’t particularly new for Jason. If you look further back in his catalog to such hits as “Dirt Road Anthem,” “Amarillo Sky” and “Fly Over States,” you can see a common thread that runs through his music. He sings from an honest place, teaching us all the important things in life. Live, laugh, love.

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