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How to Find the Right Toddler Cowboy Boots

January 21, 2014

Stylish boots aren’t just for adults. Young kids and toddlers can look just as fresh and sweet in baby boots as their parents do in full-size designs. From cowboy boots to work styles, there are all kinds of boots sized just right for the little ones. Besides being cute, the right toddler boots can protect vulnerable feet while walking is still in the practice stage. Finding the right look or feel for your child doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s a quick guide on how to find the right toddler cowboy boots for your little one.

The Right Style

Boots are cute! Buying toddler cowboy boots is mostly about style, and finding a pair that shows off your child’s (and your own) taste in accessories is the whole point. Fortunately, there are nearly as many styles of boots for babies as there are boots for every other age group. High shaft, low, embellished, pointy-toe, brightly colored and myriad other styles of boots are commonly found in specialty stores and regular retailers. There is an even greater selection online. Classic and trendy boots are both available, so scooping up a pair of tough and rugged classic cowboy boots that survive the making of mud pies is just as easy as splurging on fancy neon pink boots that are ideal for holiday parties and little else.

The only thing to remember when it comes to fashion boots is that this is footwear for children, and children are rarely gentle with their things. Boots with design elements that can break off are dangerous, as kids could eat them or hurt themselves. Also, little ones grow quickly, so expensive shoes might be a poor choice if you’re hoping for years of use.

The Right Fit

First and foremost, cowboy boots should be comfortable, whether they’re for adults or children, but that’s especially true for young feet that are extra sensitive. Toddler cowboy boots should have soft linings, durable soles, and a large opening for a design that’s easy to slide on, so getting dressed in the morning isn’t a drawn out, exhausting affair. Ask your little one how the shoes feel and if he feels any discomfort. Ask him to walk (as best as he can) to see how the boot feels. When trying on isn’t possible, make sure to purchase from a company you trust for their high quality and top brands, and check the return policy.

Ultimately, toddler cowboy boots should be both exceptionally comfortable and super adorable. Balance these two elements for the perfect pair of kicks that any kid, and every parent, will love.


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