We Know Country

About Country Outfitter

Country Outfitter is home to a new generation of innovators. From the comfort and simplicity of the Ozark Mountains, we spend our days in a quest to blend high-tech with high-touch. We knew when you wanted the best boots, bags, and accessories, you wanted them now. That's why we invested in a state of the art robotic inventory system to get exceptional goods from our warehouse to your doorstep at lightning speed. We love technology, but we would never let it replace personal connection. Everything we do—from the way we design our websites to our extraordinary customer service—is crafted to make you feel like a guest in our home. It's the decent thing to do, and all too uncommon these days.

We believe in craftsmanship. And we take the time to know our products inside and out so we can help you select the right product based upon your fit and your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a fashion boot or you need the most comfortable pair of boots for everyday living, we will help you find the product that is right for you.

Here at Country Outfitter, we wear our boots, eat barbecue, and listen to Waylon Jennings. We fish, hike, and float the river. Then we dress up and hit the road to Dallas, Memphis or Nashville to get our fix of the city. We always come back home to where the good stuff is—our families, friends, and the curves in our favorite country roads. Most days we can hardly believe our good fortune. We get to build this world-class company right here at home in our little corner of Arkansas.

beyond country

Owned by Acumen Brands, Inc. and based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we practice what we preach. Country Outfitter’s tagline is “We Know Country,” because we are country. We live in a town that has deep country roots, with big city hopes and dreams and we like it that way. Our warehouse fulfills orders using little orange robots, yet we treat anyone that calls or walks in our doors with real southern hospitality and a glass of sweet tea (sweet tea only available to walk-ins).

At Acumen, we’re innovators: We took the industry and turned it on its head. We think and look at the world differently. We’re technology geeks: From our algorithms, to our inventory systems, to our Kiva system - we are committed to our technology and how it lets us serve you better. We’re experts about the products we sell, and we’re passionate about helping you find the right product. At our heart, we are real people who have built a world-class company. It just so happens that we live in the South, and we’re proud of that!

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